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February 12, 2007



This is great stuff. Thank you.


I don't understand the angry tone of this message. If you're for Hillary, great, sing her praises. But don't knock Barack until you get to know the man. Read his books. Listen to his speeches. Consider his judgment -- especially, his prescience in opposing the Iraq War from the beginning and his clear plan for gradually extricating us from Bush's mess there.

Look at the crowds he's drawing. This isn't just a media phenomenon... this is the result of a gifted politician who is resonating with our time and place.

Read "The Case for Obama" at www.anonymousliberal.com to understand why he's my guy.

Lisa Nuss

Justin, Justin. You must learn that women who have opinions are not angry. Please refer to my bio for the many publications that not only consider my opinions to be well-written, such as the Philadelphia Inquirer and the UK Guardian, but they even pay me for my opinions!

I purchased and read Obama's book, Audacity of Hope - I am using it as a resource for the writing of my own memoir.

He may be a gifted orator, but his speeches are lacking in specifics. Until he has a track record of accomplishing something in politics, we cannot call him a "gifted politician."

Lisa Nuss

A reader emailed and asked that I post this comment:

I ask myself a different question – what in the world makes seemingly informed, engaged people look past Senator Clinton and to Senator Obama? Nothing wrong with him but she’s got the bonafides.

In my travels talking with people (mostly white women) about the idea of a woman for president in 2008 I am astounded to hear the skepticism directed at Senator Clinton but no hesitation in throwing their support to Senator Obama. How can we so easily dismiss the accomplishments, the intellect, the experience and the caring that Senator Clinton has demonstrated throughout her life. What’s going on here?

As one commentator who’s opinion I respect recently remarked – any candidate who wants me to vote for him instead of her had better have a whole long lists of reasons, beginning with what he’ll do for women that she can’t do. When asked who I support Clinton or Obama my answer has got to be – “her first, him second”. Beware the age old strategy of divide and conquer.


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